Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
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Red October Tour

Availabilty: Currently by private booking only (see bottom of page).
Duration: 4 hours.

The 1917 Revolution was the most popular tour theme of the official Soviet tourist agency, Intourist. They were always going on about how Leningrad was the 'cradle of three revolutions'. We thoroughly restored this vintage zabava (a form of traditional Russian entertainment) - the tour, that is.

The Soviet ideology, just like in any other totalitarian regime, needed its myths and idols, delivered to the masses in the form of clear, simple symbols. The Revolution instantly became one of those symbols, with its Lenin, battleship Aurora, the takeover of the Winter Palace etc.

Hunt with us for the Red October at the Smolny Institute, the headquarters of the Bolsheviks, from where Lenin and his comrades commanded the Coup. Get on board the Aurora, the flagship of the Revolution, still a revered communist relic. Re-enact the April meeting at the Finland Station, where Lenin delivered his immortal April Theses standing on top of an armoured car, setting a popular fashion for later generations of Russian leaders.

The tour is guided by Nick, Dmitri or Peter.

To book this tour privately, please write us at, or ask your guide. The cost is 160 USD, paid in rubles at the day's exchange rate. This covers up to eight people (20 USD for each extra person).

Revolutionary artwork on a building; a Lenin bust