Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
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Vodka in St Petersburg

Vodka in St Petersburg



Petrogradsky Pub Crawl

Availabilty: Currently this tour is available by private booking only (see bottom of page).
Duration: approximately 4 hours.

On this pub crawl you get to the Petrograd Side, a fascinating historic district north of the Peter-and-Paul Fortress. Wander through a maze of old residential lanes and back yards hidden behind the neon lights of fancy shopping streets.

Survive an introductory drinking course at ryumochnaya, a relic Soviet working class vodka bar, and check a range of great local bars and clubs.

Former residents of the area include Lenin, Shostakovich, Kirov, Gorky and the Emir of Bukhara - see their buildings and monuments, as well as fabulous Art Nouveau quarters, the Cruiser Aurora, the northernmost Mosque in the world, and other hidden wonders. Petrograd Side is completely tourist-free.

To book this tour privately, please write us at, or ask your guide. The cost is 160 USD/120 euros, paid in rubles at the day's exchange rate. This covers parties of up to eight people (20 USD/15 euros for each extra person).

A vodka run to the country outside St Petersburg in summer