Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
The original walking tours in St. Petersburg, Russia for budget conscious English speaking travellers
The former Putilov Church, now a socks factory
Soviet architecture and design, southern  St. Petersburg

Griboyedov Canal

Catholic church of Our Lady of Lourdes



The Original Peter's Walking Tour 

In 2017, the Original Walk will be offered daily starting April 14 (except May 27).
Meeting point: cafe Small Double (click for details), 10:30 am.

Duration: 4+ hours.
Cost: 1500* rubles per person. (*cost may fluctuate due to very unstable exchange rate of the ruble. We’ll be posting any updates.)

This is a Peter's walking tour as it was when it all started in 1996. A backpackers' hit ever since, it is a tour without a fixed itinerary, where the walkers and the guide work out a route right before the start.

DO WHAT OTHER TOURISTS DON'T: step off Nevsky Prospect, walk through quiet side lanes, peek into courtyards of old apartment buildings, sample local cafes and shops, ride packed trolley-buses (optional). Enjoy the city through the eyes of a St Petersburg resident.

DISCOVER bridges, rivers and canals of the city of Saint Peter, the grandeur of its palaces and quays, the charm of old back streets and marketplaces of the 300 year old Russian Imperial Capital.

LEARN about the city: Historical facts, from key dates to personal stories of monarchs and artists, nobles and commoners; city legends from Peter the Great and Catherine's times to Lenin and post-Soviet era.

CUSTOMISE THIS TOUR the way you want it - your suggestions are welcome and in most cases will be incorporated into the walk by our guide.

TRAVERSE the city by foot and public transport: tour may involve several metro and bus rides (28-36 rubles per ride, not included).

GREAT VALUE: a 4-5-hour walking tour for the price of three hours! So much more than just a mere list of historical dates and names, The Original Peter's Walking Tour is a headlong plunge into the cultural environment of one of the largest cities in Europe. Make the most out of your stay with the help of Peter's Walking Tours.

The tour can be led by any of the guides in our team.

Private bookings possible - inquire at, or ask your guide.

This tour can also be booked privately. We charge a minimum of 11300 rubles for a privately booked 4-hr Original Peter's Walking Tour. The price covers up to eight people. (price updated Nov 14, 2016)