Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
The original walking tours in St. Petersburg, Russia for budget conscious English speaking travellers

Marble bust of Seneka, Roman philosopher, at the Summer Gardens


Statue of Peter the Great hours before unveiling. Sampsonievsky Prospekt, northern St. Petersburg.





Mass Media Archive

Peter’s Walking Tours. Mass Media Archive.

Below is the list of newspapers and magazines that ran stories about Peter’s Walking Tours.

The Guardian, UK. We're in their Top Ten best city walking tours in the world. Sept 7, 2013.
The Listener, New Zealand, featuring our bicycle tours. Published April 19, 2008. Same article in PDF.
New York Times, USA. Published July 10, 2005.
Die Zeit, Germany. Published May 15, 2003
Delo, Slovenia. Published May 13, 2003.
City, Finland. Published in issue 10, spring 2003
Die Presse, Austria.Published May 2, 2003.
The St Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, Russia (in English). Published 04.03.2003.
The Moscow Times, Moscow Russia (in English). Published 21.02.2003.
The List, Edinburgh and Glasgow, UK. Published 30.01.2003.
RusslandRU, an internet-based publication (in German). Published 28.01.2003.
Ilta Sanomat, Finland. Published 14.12.2002
One more article in Helsingin Sanomat. Published 01.06.2002.
The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minneapolis, USA. Published 01.07.2001
Boston Globe, Boston, USA. Published 27.05.2001
Etela-Suomen Sanomat, Finland. Published 06.05.2001
JT Med Vera, Finland (in Swedish). Published 28.08.1999.
Karjalainen, Finland. Published 27.08.1999.
The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore, USA. Published 20.08.1999.
The Independent, London, UK. Published 11.07.1999.
Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki, Finland. Published 13.01.1999.
Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger, Cologne, Germany. Published 18.03.1998.
Aargauer Zeitung, Aarau, Switzerland (in German). Published 10.02.1998.
Ostsee-Zeitung, Rostock, Germany. Published 31.01.1998.

We’ve been featured in several TV travel shows too. We’re going to put video fragments on this site soon, so drop by some time to have a look.
BBC Travel Show
Discovery Channel
Lonely Planet Travel Show
CityFolk (a TV show, featuring a European city and its residents; broadcast in several countries across Europe)
TV1 Finland

And finally, we’ve been mentioned in quite a few guidebooks and travel magazines. Here’s some selected quotations:

Peter’s tours, which leave from the HI St Petersburg Hostel, are unbeatable.
-Lonely Planet

A more intriguing option is to go on one of the walking tours operated by Peter Kozyrev, based at the St Petersburg International Youth Hostel.
-Rough Guide

Peter’s Tours leads recommended walking tours daily from the HI St Petersburg Hostel
-Trans-Siberian Handbook

Peter Kosyrew bietet neben Stadtrundfahrten Wanderungen über die Dächer St. Petersburgs an; Ausgangpunkt für letztere ist die Jugendherberge.
-Merian, Germany

Peter Kozyrev gestisce l’eccellente Peter’s Walking Tours… Peter è una persona preparatissima e tranquilla e, cosa più importante, il suo amore per la città è contagioso.
-Lonely Planet, Italian version

Man reading newspaper on Griboeydov Canal.