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Thread: Crusing on Norwegian Star with 2 day stop in St. Petersburg

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    Default Crusing on Norwegian Star with 2 day stop in St. Petersburg


    We are 2 adults and 2 children aged 11 and 13 who will be sailing on the Norwegian star to arrive in St Petersburg on 4 July at 8am and departing the next evening 5 July at 19:00. In our party are me, a 45 year old from USA who has been living and working in Switzerland since 2009, My two children ages 11 and 13, and my Boyfriend, a UK citizen from Wales.

    The cruise lines are charging prices which seem unfair to walk around in St. Petersburg for the two days we are there. I am looking for another way, even though there is not much time before we arrive.

    What is required to leave the ship and come ashore in St. Petersburg on your tours? We are interested in several, including the KGB tour which seems to have been canceled.

    I am really excited to see Russia. As a girl, my school said silly things about the Russian people, but my Mother always told me people are people, wherever they are. Since living in Switzerland I have two Russian colleagues and 1 Russian friend outside work (and friends and colleagues from 20 other countries) and in my opinion, my mother was right and the school was wrong, people are people, perhaps with different perspectives. I would like to get to see the local perspective in St Petersburg, not some glossed over glitzy cruise ship tour.

    If I am asking too soon before the trip, this is fine and I will see what I can arrange with the cruise line. I am also on a limited budget. Is it possible to get off the boat and explore the city without spending too much?

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    Hello Frelled,

    I am afraid there's not much chance to get off the boat and explore around on a low budget. You're coming without visas, which means you can only go ashore as part of a tour. We could do such a tour for you, but it would be a private tour, calculated from the moment we meet you at the ship to the moment we bring you back. The cost will have to include transfers to the city and back (the port is outside the city centre), plus the fees we'll have to pay to arrange your visa-free disembarkation with the immigration authority. Not sure if it ends up much cheaper than the packages offered by the ship. One thing we can guarantee though is personal approach - we will not bundle you up with anyone else, it will be a personal guide and an individually tailored itinerary from beginning to end.

    Write us an email if you're interested in proceeding. Give us an idea on how much time you want to spend ashore touring with us on each day, what sort of things you want included in the plan, on foot or by minibus and anything else you think would help us make a plan for you. We will do pretty much anything there's to do in St Petersburg - from palaces and museums to themed tours like the one offered on our web site, to any tour/activity in any combination. Our email is

    Have a great cruise!


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