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Thread: Ljalja Kuznetsova Soviet Master photo exhibition Sat 9 - Tue 26 April, 2011

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    Default Ljalja Kuznetsova Soviet Master photo exhibition Sat 9 - Tue 26 April, 2011

    Ljalja Kuznetsova is a master and classic of Russian Photography of 20's century.

    Bulgarian, born in 1946 in Uralsk (Kazakhstan). Graduated from the State Kazan Aviation Institute and worked as an engineer. In the late 1970's she began her steps in photography after unexpected death of her husband from leukaemia and taking care of her 4 yr old daughter. Since 1978 she worked as a photographer for the Kazan State Art Museum. At the end of the 70's she was admitted to the Union of Lithuanian Photographers. In the early 80's Ljalja Kuznetsova became a freelance photographer whilst working for the State Fashion House of Tatarstan.

    In the late 70's Kuznetsova takes photos of Liuli Gypsies at one of the last Gypsy camps on the territory of the USSR (Turkmenistan). Later her Gypsy series continues in the steppes of Odessa ... 'I began to look for shots that echoed my heart. In our society, Gypsies are deprived of many rights. Cartier-Bresson said that a balance must be established between these two worlds - the one inside us and the one outside us - and that is very true'. Since mid-80's her works have been exhibited and published in the U.S. and Europe, including The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington.

    Participant at Interphoto festival in Moscow. Awards: Leica Medal of Excellence (Mother Jones) 1997, Grand Prix of Paris.
    Author's books:
    Ljalja Kuznetsova 'Shaking the Dust of Ages: Gypsies and Wanderers of the Central Asian Steppe' Publisher: Aperture, 1998
    Ljalja Kuznetsova 'Gypsies: Free Spirits of the Open Steppe' London. Thames and Hudson. 1998
    Lala Kuznetsova 'The Road'. Publishers of books, Leonid Gusev, Mila Sidorenko. Moscow 2010
    Also published in 'Another Russia', Thames&Hudson, London 1986, Taneli
    Escola & Hannu Eerikainen 'Toisinnakijat' Helsinki 1988, Wiktor
    Misiano. 'Die zeitgenossische Photographie in der Sowjetunion' Edition
    Stemmle1988, 'Say Cheese!', Soviet Photography 1968-1988 Editions du
    Comptoir de la Photographie 1988, 'Changing Reality' Starwood
    Publishing, Inc. 1991, 'Litza. Contemporary Portrait Photography from
    Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine'. Foundation 'CIRC', Amsterdam 1992.

    Muzey Osobnyak Rumyantzeva ( Rumyantsev Mansion Museum, a branch of the History Museum of St. Petersburg),

    Angliyskaya Naberezhnaya (English Embankment), 44
    metro Nevskiy Prospect, Vasileostrovskaya
    working hours: Mon, Thu-Sun 11.00-17.00, Fri 11.00-16.00
    tel +7 812 571 75 44
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