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9th April 2012, 12:33
We're opening the bike tour season in the middle of May, with The White Night Bike tour on May 12. The schedule from then on will look as follows:

-White Night Bike tour - every Tuesday and Thursday, at 22:30. Also added White Night Bike tour on June 16 and 17 (reservation required).
-Weekend Bike Tour - every Saturday and Sunday, at 11:00

Both tours will be leaving from our bike shop Skat Prokat. All details to be found here:

White Night Bike Tour (http://www.peterswalk.com/nightbike.html)
Weekend Bike Tour (http://www.peterswalk.com/bike_tour.html)

Roll up for a ride!


2nd June 2012, 01:01
We're considering taking the White Night Bike Tour on June 17th.

I'm wondering how to get back to our hotel (on Bolshaya Morskaya ul, near the other end of Nevsky Prospect) afterwards? Walk? Taxi?

Thank you!

2nd June 2012, 10:01
Hi Darling! After the tour the guide will help you get a taxi. How many are you? A taxi from the bike shop to Bolshaya Morskaya shouldn't be more than 200 rubles. Ask the guide for assistance. Please confirm participation in the tour - this White Night Bike tour on June 17 is a separate arrangement (not our regular Tuesdays-and-Thursdays one) and we need to know how many people there will be. Thank you!


5th June 2012, 12:02
Thank you - that's good to know. We're still deciding whether we want to do this - we might just take the walking tour the next day instead.

6th June 2012, 10:58
Just to give an idea how it works. Last night we had 16 people turn up for the White Night bike tour. Of them only seven had signed up, so we sort of expected that number, or perhaps around 10 participants maximum. As people continued arriving, the guide, Katya, rang up another guide, Eugene, and he came to rescue. The participants were split into two separate groups, and each group took off as a separate tour - with its own guide and an accompanying mechanic. It worked perfectly well for everyone in the end - people had raving reviews. I spoke to some of the last night's participants today as they turned up for another tour.