V-Day parade rehearsal, Apr 29, 2013

Tanks in the centre of St Petersburg as part of the preparation for the Victory Day parade. Photos takes on Apr 29, 2013. The parade takes place on May 9.
  1. A Soviet tank with the Japanese consulate flag in the backdrop. Apr 29, 2013, St Petersburg.
  2. War and Peace - a tourist boat on the Moyka with a column of tanks parked along the embankment. The gray building in the far left is the Puhska Inn....
  3. Dinosaur Soviet-era army vehicles on the Moyka.
  4. Engel and Volkers, and a Soviet tank on the Moyka, St Petersburg.
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  7. Tanks on the Moyka, across from the Palace Square, St Petersburg. Apr 29, 2013
  8. Tanks on the Moyka, right next to Kempinski Moyka 22 hotel (the gray building in the left corner). Apr 29, 2013.
  9. Soldiers having a cigarette break in front of their tanks, on the Moyka in central St Petersburg. Apr 29, 2013.
  10. Heavy Soviet-era military vehicles on the Pevchesky bridge next to the Palace square. April 29, 2013.
  11. A long-barreled gun in front of hotel Kempinski Moyka 22. You may want to think twice before checking in. Apr 29, 2013.
  12. A pre-historic rocket launcher on the Moyka, in central St Petersburg. Apr 29, 2013.
  13. Sailors standing guard in the Palace square, while the V-Day parade rehearsal is going on. Apr 29, 2013.
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  15. Artillery rolling into Palace square. Alexander Column and the spire of the Admiralty in the backdrop. St Petersburg, 29 Apr 2013.
  16. Soldier fixing a Guards symbol onto his tank. St Petersburg, Apr 29 2013.
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  19. Tanks along the Moyka, in central St Petersburg. Apr 29, 2013.
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