Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
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Georgian aubergine rolls with a glass of tarkhun drink



Illustration from Soviet cook book


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Peter's Food Tour

Availabilty: Currently by private booking only (see bottom of page).
Duration: 4 hours.

In St. Petersburg we eat and drink more than just caviar and vodka (well, some of that too), and this is your chance to find out all about local diet. Siberian pelmeni, Ukrainian borsch, Georgian suluguni, Armenian lavash - all exciting ex-Soviet cuisines mixed up and ready to be savoured with Peter's Food Tour. Peek into eateries and food shops, buy your samples or get them free at farmers' markets.

Good cuisine is all about those perfect taste combinations. In Russia, bliny simply must go with caviar, a shot of vodka is chased with a pickle, a solyanka is not complete without a generous dollop of sour cream. Yum.

We highly recommend that you save some room in your stomach for this tour! The sampling of local delicacies along the way may get quite substantial. We do not include the expenses in the price of the tour, but the places we take you to are cheap anyway. And utterly delicious! We prefer to rotate the places we visit - to avoid getting them too corrupt - so the exact itinerary is always a matter of improvisation.

The tour can be guided by any of Peter's Walking Tours' guides.

Food sampling costs are not included in the cost of the tour..

To book this tour privately, please write us at, or ask your guide. The cost is 160 USD, paid in rubles at the day's exchange rate. This covers parties of up to eight people (20 USD for each extra person).

Caviar, illustration from Soviet cook book