Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Peter's Walking Tours, St. Petersburg, Russia.
The original walking tours in St. Petersburg, Russia for budget conscious English speaking travellers

Catherine's Summer Palace, Tsarskoye Selo


Arsenal, Tsarskoye Selo


Catherine's Palace, Tsarskoye Selo


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The Original Peter's Day Trips

Availabilty: by private booking only (see bottom of the page)
Duration: 5+ hours.

The Original Peter's Day Trips were designed as our response to multiple requests to organise tours to the destinations outside St. Petersburg. We thought we'd do them in our trademark Original style - informal, informative, going beyond the facades, avoiding tourist traps, using the cheap and effective public transport system. The result is these three Original Peter's Day Trips, which include the famed palatial suburbs of Tsarkoye Selo and Peterhof, and the naval fortress town of Kronstadt which itself is a seriously off-the-beaten track destination.

Day Trip One: Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin). The name means "Tsars' Village". The town 25 km south of St. Petersburg is also commonly called Pushkin, after Russia's most famous poet who studied at the Lyceum there in the early eighteen hundreds. The main attraction is the enormous complex of palaces and parks in the western part of the town, centred around the magnificent Catherine's Palace. Our tour takes you around the Alexander Park, where short-term visitors rarely go. The Alexander Park covers a huge area, with follies, pavilions (some still in ruins since WWII), fantastic landscapes, and the Alexander Palace, the favourite and the last residence of Nicholas II and his family. Their Majesties' private church, the Fyodor's Cathedral, is there too, restored and functioning.

Please note that this Original Day Trip does not necessarily include visits to the palaces - ask the guide for availability. The problem is that during the high season it is virtually impossible to get into the Catherine's Palace - a couple of million other visitors every day try exactly the same thing.

Day Trip Two: Peterhof (Petrodvorets). This town south-west of St. Petersburg on the coast of the Gulf of Finland is world-famous for its golden fountains, cascading down from the Grand Palace towards to the coast. A truly spectacular place, built to rival Versailles, highly recommended by Peter's Walking Tours, even despite the tourist hordes in the high season. Our Original Day Trip goes there the most economical way, by bus, which only costs one-twentieth of the expensive tourist hydrofoil. The bus journey takes the same time as the boat and is even more fun - you get to see the 'real life' of St. Petersburg as you travel through the south-western outskirts.

Once at Peterhof, we help you avoid the tourist traps as much as possible, as the place can be seriously expensive. As always, we know the hidden corners where other tourists never go, and are eager to tell you all the facts and legends associated with this Summer Residence of Russian Emperors.

Day Trip Three: Kronstadt - a historic naval base and town on the island 30 km west of St. Petersburg, in the Gulf of Finland. With navy ships and subs at the harbour the place, mainly populated by sailors, has a rather vintage feel - it was only open to visitors (including Russians) a few years ago. Learn about the Kronstadt Mutiny of 1921 and the heroic defence during WWII and the Blockade of Leningrad. See the magnificent Naval Cathedral, monuments to great Russian maritime explorers and war heroes, the Star-Wars-type dam that connected the island to the coast in the early 80s. Ask your guide to take you to one of the nearly 30 forts on small islands scattered around the sea surrounding Kronstadt - some are still in great condition and all have incredible histories and unbeatable views. Entrance to the town and forts free.

Day trips are guided by Nick, Peter, Dmitri, Alina or Olga.

To book this tour privately, please write us at, or ask your guide. The cost of each one trip is 200 USD, paid in rubles at the day's exchange rate. This covers a party of up to eight persons; 25 USD for each extra person.

Given sufficient notice we might organise a vehicle for more comfortable transfer to the destinations. Advance booking of tickets to the Palaces is also possible. Please with all further questions do not hesitate to write us at

Chapel, Tsarskoye Selo