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Spy camera on display at the Museum of Political Police


An Order Of The Red Star decoration on the facade of the Artillery Museum, St Petersburg


The KGB and Russian Secret Services Tour.

Availabilty: Currently this tour is NOT AVAILABLE. We will post a note here when it's available again. Then it will be by private booking only, Mon-Fri. See bottom of page for pricing information.
Duration: 1,5 hours.

This tour takes you to the Museum Of Russian Political Police. Page though the history of the Russian secret police since its inception under Emperor Nicholas I in the 1820s to the final days of the Soviet Union.

See documents and pictures related to the struggle of the Tsar's police against numerous revolutionary terrorist movements; learn the histories of successful and prevented assassinations of the Tsars and their officials.

The CheKa section covers the creation of the first Soviet secret service and its role in the "Red Terror". Find out about the CheKa's most brilliantly executed operations at home and abroad, including the one when they managed to outwit the whole world's intelligence community and capture James Bond's prototype Sydney Reilly.

An entire section of the museum is dedicated to the activities of the KGB, featuring unique items related to the counter-intelligence operations conducted in Leningrad. Finally, you will learn about covert operations and the PSYOPS during the Soviet War in Afghanistan at a new temporary exhibition (open until September 2009).

To book this tour privately, please write us at info@peterswalk.com, or ask your guide. CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE.

Air pilot with a bomb, a Stalin-era architectural detail